Ireland Moto Trip – Final Days

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher

Day 06 was a shorter 120km ride from Cliffs of Moher and back, and that was a pretty good distance considering we stayed at the cliffs for a couple hours. The main area was gated and you had to pay to enter, so they were a completely different experience from the Slieve cliffs, but still breathtaking.

Exploring the Cliffs

Once you get to the cliffs, you can either head south or north, towards O’Brien’s tower. We headed north and found out you can actually walk the cliffs past the park grounds, where signs are posted everywhere that you’re entering at your own risk. It was pretty windy that day, and I was amazed at how many people were walking along these skinny dirt paths and out onto the cliffs edge (I mean, so did we). It wasn’t until after we all took turns sitting on the edge that we saw the signs talking about how the cliffs have been crumbling in recent years. There were 12 deaths in the past year alone. I’m always conflicted when I hear about deterioration of places like this. I’m sure some of it is naturally occurring over time, but the extreme amount of human foot traffic is no doubt contributing, and that makes me sad even though I’m one of the people walking through it. It was nonetheless an amazing sight to see and I was glad this was one of the last places we visited before our trip came to an end.

Riding Back

We rode back to Bunratty a little earlier than we had been ending rides, because it was most likely going to rain again that evening and after two days in the rain we didn’t feel like getting caught in it again if we could help it. Our last stop before pulling in the bikes for the night was at the Bunratty Meadery, where we all got to try the local meade and the Irish version of moonshine, called Poteen. It’s made from barley. I came home with a bottle, naturally.

We got cleaned up at the villa and ride into a neighboring town, Shannon, for our last dinner together in Ireland. I doubled up with Ty for the night, and we stayed to play a few games of pool with some locals. It was a rare night indeed – I completely sucked and Ty carried us to save face for the American doubles team ; )

Goodbye Ireland

The next morning we hung around town for a while, touring the local historical village and getting our last conversations in with the animals. Goats, deer, chicken, pigs, and some really cool Irish wolf hounds. We took the highway back to Celtic Rider to save time. Nobody in the group really enjoys highway riding as much as back roads. The views definitely aren’t as interesting. But I personally don’t mind a straight 70km cruise from time to time. As long as I’m on a bike, I’m pretty dang happy.

10/10 loved it. See ya Ireland. Maybe never again. There’s so many places to explore!!!

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