Miss Behavin’ Columbus 2019

people at a motorcycle show hanging out
Miss Behavin’ 2019 at Land Grant Brewing Columbus, OH

This past weekend was Miss Behavin’s 3rd annual event, held this year at Land Grant Brewing Company in Columbus, OH. I’m including some of my favorite shots taken by the talented Erika Gene Clark.

I got involved in working on this event about two years ago when Courtney Bryant, the main mind behind the magic, asked a few of her friends to be involved in helping out with her idea. Courtney is developing a platform where she can simultaneously celebrate females doing things that aren’t historically seen as very female while also promoting and supporting a charitable cause.

shots from Miss Behavin 2019 by Erika Gene Clark
So what is Miss Behavin’?

Miss Behavin’ promotes female riders and drivers through featuring them on social media and showcasing their cars and bikes at the annual event, in hopes it will inspire and encourage other females, of any age, to aspire to anything they want, regardless of gender biases. But equally important and at the core, it promotes and benefits non-profits and charities through generous donations from local businesses that are auctioned off at the annual event.

I remember attending Miss Behavin’ on year one at Seventh Son. That year they raised $328 for Peace for Paws. I think I might have met Courtney for the first time there. By the second year, I was involved and helping with planning and building a brand. Year two was held at North High Brewing in the rain, with a silent auction and a few local vendors selling goods. Despite the weather we had a good turnout and raised $1063 for Ruling Our Experiences.

This year…

our chosen benefactor was Advocating Opportunity, who provides comprehensive services to women and men who have experienced sex or labor trafficking. Trafficking is a huge problem here in Ohio, and we were pleased to be able to raise over 2k in donations thanks to all of those who attended.

shots from Miss Behavin 2019 by Erika Gene Clark
A Little Bit o Everything

To boot, the crowd was huge and it was a rad ol’ time. I’ve never been a regular attendee to bike and car shows, but what was cool about Miss Behavin’ is that there was a little bit of everything there; from choppers to dirt bikes to vintage street cruisers and hot rods. I brought Uncle Rico out, my ’87 Ford E150 Fiesta Camper Van, with my 79’ XR 185 on the hauler, and left the doors open for folks to see my custom build. There’s something voyeuristic about watching people look at and talk about your ride with you standing there as the anonymous owner. I love seeing the reactions.

Ford Fiesta camper van at a car and motorcycle show
My baby, a 1987 Ford Fiesta Camper Van, fully redone interior

I gave one kid the grand tour, which takes a total of five minutes and consists of turning in a circle and pointing at the stove, the spice rack, the raccoon portrait, the fishing pole holders, the convertible couch / bed, the toy van on the van dashboard, and the 80′s/90′s dirt rider mural on the fridge front. It’s a point of pride, especially when I think of three years ago when I had it stripped bare and slowly started re-building the interior, mostly from scrap and donated material. Uncle Rico is an amazing machine, but he paled in comparison to the Firebird, Boss 302 and GMC Sierra Classic staring directly at him (I see you, ladies). And then those paled in comparison to the vintage Chevy truck parked across the alley. I should have brought my Falcon, but it has a track record of breaking down at Miss Behavin…it’s done so every damn year.

photos from Miss Behavin 2019 by Erika Gene Clark
Bikes, more bikes, and girls on bikes

My 1990 Kawasaki KDX 200 was leaned against the brewery wall next to rows of bikes of all sorts. Choppers, vintage stock bikes, modern dirt bikes with sumo setups, dual sports, etc etc, but I was seeing so many familiar faces I barely had time to look at them. It’s inspiring to me to get to talk to other women that will rattle off every small detail about their own bikes with the same amount of enthusiasm and love that I have for mine, so my only regret from the event is not being able to spend more time doing that. Columbus has an amazing scene of female bike and car enthusiasts, and MissBehavin’ was definitely proof of the growing motorcycle community, both male and female.

photos from Miss Behavin 2019
photos from Miss Behavin 2019
What It’s Really All About

Before I got into the planning and efforts of putting on Miss Behavin, I barely knew many of the women I know now through being involved. Since year one, it’s gone from “they” to “we” and now I call them close friends; women I reach out to for things, women that I hope know they can do the same to me, women that I hope I get to ride with more this coming year. And we’ve now all watched this event grow significantly in three years time. Not only because of our efforts but also because of a community of people all willing to give something to a bigger cause. That’s what it’s all about. Through Miss Behavin’, I’ve learned that the amount of time and effort it takes to plan and execute an event like this can only be met with relentless persistence. It sometimes seems like too much to take on. Until you’re there, at the event, and can catch a moment to really look around at the people, the bikes, the cars, and my sick van ; )

Then it all makes total sense.

photos of Miss Behavin 2019

If you didn’t make it this year, come out to Miss Behavin’ 2020.

And ride / drive in with your friends.

List of Folks to Thank

Miss Behavin’ Founder / creatorCourtney Bryant

Support CrewKelly OrtmanAndrea KellettJennifer Marlatt, and me

Support Support CrewGrantDanKyleTyler

Event Photographer (all photos seen in this post)Erica Gene Clark Photo


Low Brow Customs

Rendevous Salon

CD 102.5

Brittney Farley

Cauldron Tattoo

Kumler Collision

The Table

Cafe Napolitana


Leslie Sharp

Turner’s Barbershop

Old Familiar Barbershop

Pinned Acupuncture and Wellness

Comune Restaurant

MiddleWest Spirits

Shoppe 815

Electric Soul Cycles

The Space Columbus

Parsons North Brewing Company


Kat Moya

Midwest Mermaid

Throttle Company

Passion Poor Taste

H&D Tools

Seel Made

Tough Luck


Seel Made

Throttle Company

Electric Soul Cycles

H&D Tools

Midwest Mermaid

Tough Luck

Thunderkiss Coffee


Pre-Party: by Pinned at Duecento

Event HostLand Grant Brewing

After Party HostParsons North Brewing

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